Do you know the face have muscles and there is a way to build it up by you.

Do you know how many face muscles on your face and how big?

The answer is 43 muscles and they are small. Good news is when you exercise on your face, it will show faster compared to the other parts of your body. The face exercise takes only 15 to 20 mins and it is not like hard work out. It is more like relaxing and make you feel better after the exercise.  

Face muscles are same as other parts of your body and if you do not exercise, it will be smaller and smaller.

Why don't you start the FACEYOGA today?



Hello, My name is Rui Tsunawaki, I live in Montreal Canada.

I used to think that, to get rid of wrinkles I would need to get plastic surgery or botox injections.

I was searching for the way to erase lines on my face, then I met the FACEYOGA method.

I was hesitant to poison myself while trying to remove wrinkles from my skin then I immediately jumped in this FACEYOGA program.

The lines I hated to see have disappeared!!!

I know now that this is the real working method.

After a year of my practicing and upon witnessing the results I studied to become a FACEYOGA teacher. 

One of my students was in her 70s. She tried FACEYOGA training with me for 7 days and her face had already shown differences.

No matter your age, you can train your physic at any stage of life to maintain balance and health.

This is the perfect natural way to exercise your face and lift it up.

Once you have memorized the poses, you can practice them at anytime anywhere there is no need of any special equipment for those exercises. 

I am very happy to be a certified FACEYOGA teacher because now I can help the people who have the same issues I used to struggle with.

Let's start taking action today!

Ask me questions or book an appointment.

Make the choice that will eventually make you happy.



Before and After

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7 days before and after
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