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Take a well-deserved break from the stresses of your busy day to focus on you. With a full-range of professional treatments, Montréal Massothérapie Masters is the ultimate Recovering, Rejuvenating or Relaxing experience. Our Certified therapists would customize your therapy based on your specific need.

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Massage Therapy consists primarily of hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, specifically, the muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints for the purpose of optimizing health. 


- Reduced Muscle Tension

- Improved Circulation

- Increased Joint Mobility and Flexibility

- Reduction of Stress Hormones

- Relaxation

- Improved Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries

- Reduced Anxiety and Depression


Swedish Massage

(60mins/$85) (90mins/$125)

Therapeutic Massage   (Specific)

(60mins/$85) (90mins/$125)

Deep Tissue

(60mins/$85) (90mins/$125)

Sports Massage

(60mins/$85) (90mins/$125)

Prenatal Massage

(60mins/$85) (90mins/$125)

Hot Stone

(60mins/$95) (90mins/$142)


(60mins/$95) (90mins/$142)



Get to Know Us


Certificated Face-Yoga instructor

 Registered Massage Therapist

Rui started as a massage therapist in Japan, she worked for one of the biggest sports massage companies for 5 years. Helping professional baseball player to office workers anyone who has pain or discomfort in their body.

She knows that posture is one of the most important factor to reduce pain therefore, during the treatments, she includes stretching to help increase the range of motion, as well as educating clients with helpful stretching techniques at home to bring up their quality of life.

Rui studied in Japan, Thailand, Edmonton and Montreal. Understanding both Eastern and Western massage method means more drawer to pick the suitable technique from to help each individual need.  


Registered Massage Therapist
Licensed in:
-Swedish Massage
-Integrated Deep Tissue
-Sports Massage
-Therapeutic/Medical Massage,
-Hot Stone

Arlyn studied for 4 years of Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in the Philippines (undergraduate) and certified of Associate in Physical Therapy. She gained her related learning experiences in Public Hospitals, Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Center and Mental Health Institution for more than 5 years.

In 2004 She studied Reflexology, Cupping and Asian Techniques Massage.  

Arlyn was be able to get a certificate and continued her skills here in Quebec. She studied in Inter-Dec College and kine-Concept to expand and learn more about different Therapeutic Treatments and Sports Therapy. She is certified in Swedish Massage, Integrated Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Cupping, Reflexology-Massage, Passive Mobilization, Trigger Point and still taking additional courses to help expand her knowledge and benefits each her clients.

Arlyn is working for more than 10 years as a Medical Massage Therapist, and help clients on different variety of issues such as: release tensions, improve range of motion, injuries, pain management, stress and trauma.


Register Massage Therapist 

Licensed in:




-Therapeutic/Medical massage

-Deep Tissue 

-Sports Massage 



Registered Massage Therapist
Licensed in:
-Swedish Massage
-Integrated Deep Tissue
-Medical/Therapeutic Massage
-Sports Massage
-Prenatal Massage
-Trigger Point

Head Massage


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